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In the original, a potion transformed a geeky chemistry teacher into a Dean Martin-style womaniser. In this unsubtle remake, Murphy is Professor Klump, a shy, 28-stone geneticist who uses his 'fat gene' formula to change himself into svelte ladies' man Buddy Love. He also plays the Prof's flatulent father, hard-ass brother, indulgent mother and eccentric grandmother. The Klump family's get-togethers are a tour de force. For all Murphy's comic energy and inventiveness, however, the action remains predictable. The clumsy Prof falls for wafer-thin graduate student Carla Purty (Pinkett), but, after being humiliated by an abrasive night-club comedian (Chappelle), she opts for the testosterone-charged Buddy. To add to Klump's troubles, the potion has a tendency to wear off at embarrassing moments. Every fat gag, fart joke and crude piece of misogyny is played to the hilt.


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