The Private Files of J Edgar Hoover

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Rattling compulsively along through myth and history like some factoid TV mini-series, but constantly informed by a radical intelligence and humour, Cohen's analytical biopic surprisingly resolves into a complex investigation of the forces of realpolitik and sexual politics which created an arch-villain/monster from a moralist boy-scout lawyer. The movie may have the look of tabloid sleaze, but it never trades in the simplistic put-down or facile political optimism. If the idea of Hoover as a tragic figure hardly squares with the '70s consensus, then the playing, especially of Broderick Crawford as Hoover, does much to shift the prejudice; while at the point where post-Watergate cinema would usually present us with a revelatory crusader, Rip Torn's uptight FBI agent (our narrator) peters out into confused impotence. Genre fans can take comfort, however, since some expectations are happily served... Dillinger dies again.

Release details

Duration: 112 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Larry Cohen
Screenwriter: Larry Cohen
Cast: Broderick Crawford
José Ferrer
Michael Parks
Ronee Blakley
Rip Torn
Celeste Holm
Michael Sacks
Dan Dailey
Raymond St Jacques
Howard da Silva
June Havoc
Lloyd Nolan
John Marley
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