The Return of Captain Invincible



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Years after the McCarthy tribunal questioned his 'premature anti-fascist' good deeds and a suspiciously red cape, Capt Invincible (Arkin), superhero champion of the underdog, is living as a washed-up drunk in Sydney. When crisis calls in the form of his resurrected arch-enemy, Lee's Mr Midnight, and his heinous plans for New York City, he dons the old uniform once more - trouble is, he's just a bit knackered after all that time out of action. The stars are clearly enjoying themselves in this charmingly ramshackle affair, which makes a virtue of its modest resources by integrating clever use of stock footage, cheapo props and cheesy costumes into an affectionate take-off of yesteryear's quickie serials. Adeptly pitched songs by the Rocky Horror duo of Richard Hartley and Richard O'Brien add to the entertainment value of a movie that really ought to be remembered more often.


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