The Scorpion King


Action and adventure

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Time Out says

In terms of milking a cash cow, this spin-off, inspired by the appearance of WWF wrestling star The Rock in Stephen Sommers' The Mummy Returns, is hard to beat. But it's mindlessly entertaining, all the same. It's produced and co-scripted by Sommers, ensuring it looks good and doesn't take itself seriously. Five thousand years ago, and evil ruler Memnon (Brand), aided by the accurate premonitions of his beautiful Sorceress (Hu), is on a roll, his vast armies annihilating all before them. What he hasn't banked on is Mathayus (The Rock), one of the last remaining members of the extinct Akkadians tribe and a dab hand with a bow and arrow. In true WWF fashion, the action here is relentless. Just as well, because The Rock isn't the most eloquent of talkers. Director Russell, meanwhile, keeps matters rollicking, but it's wall to wall hokum nevertheless. Move over, Arnie, there's a new barbarian in town.

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