The Secret of My Success


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In this, the ultimate yuppie wish-fulfilment movie, Fox plays an enterprising post-room boy who, simply by reading the mail which passes through his hands, devises a brilliant scheme for streamlining his rich uncle's multinational corporation. On his way up the ladder of success, Fox catches the eye of attractive fellow-executive Helen Slater, but also suffers the unwelcome amorous advances of his boss' wife - whose husband is in turn involved in a clandestine office affair with the capable Ms Slater. So far, so neat. But as the action shifts from boardroom to bedroom, the film degenerates into a silly bed-hopping farce, and the corporate back-stabbing gets filed away until the final reel, when the whole thing is resolved by a wave of the wicked wife's magic wand. The same old capitalist fairytale, in other words.


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