The Stepfather II


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Time Out says

A welcome return for O'Quinn's sinister psycho. Picking up where the previous slasher left off, this has him in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane, where a caring shrink ponders the question as to what drove a seemingly charming gentleman to move in with a series of fatherless families, assuming happy paternal roles, only to leave them gurgling on their own claret. Explaining in simple terms before driving home his primitive blade, the psycho then strolls out of the hospital, throws on a new, somewhat inadequate-looking disguise, and ventures forth in search of his next kill. Forget the supporting cast (most of them are dispensed with anyway): this is essentially O'Quinn's film, his glassy-eyed killer moving from relaxed father-figure to enraged psychotic in less time than it takes for one's heart to skip a beat, while his effective delivery of such murderous connotations as 'You go ahead while I just crack open this bottle' adds a spattering of humour to the grisly proceedings.


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