The Violent Professionals



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A direct crib from Siegel's Dirty Harry (in fact almost every scene can be matched from one or other of Siegel's films), given a pernicious Red Scare overlay, and with clean-cut Prince Valiant-cum-Captain Marvel (referred to as such in the script) Luc Merenda as Caneparo, 'The Man', whose methods get him suspended from the police force. He vows to go it alone after the death of a colleague, and infiltrates an underworld composed entirely of drugged-out hippies and anarchists trying to force the birth of a new order by robbing banks. A text-book example of smear-type propaganda of the simplest sort, plus a quota of the formula shocks, dispensed at the press of a button, that seem to be Martino's forte. Luc Merenda's expression of non-comprehending idiocy has to be seen to be believed.


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