Trespass (15)




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Time Out says

Tue Nov 8 2011

Diabolical even by the standards of Joel Schumacher, this home-invasion thriller went from US cinemas to DVD release in a zippy 18 days, though its true place in the world is the nether regions of late-night TV. Essentially a low-rent B-flick with A-grade ‘talent’ and budget, it follows the fun and frolics when the lair of diamond dealer Nic Cage and bored spouse Nicole Kidman is breached by armed thugs. As a scenario unfolds which starts by stretching credibility before morphing into full-on WTF-mode, Cage gets to shout a lot (like, a lot!), villainous Ben Mendelssohn acts rings round the clunky script and Schumacher cranks the fast-cuts and thumping music cues up to 11. Kidman’s thankless presence is as mysterious as the film’s belief that we’re going to buy its  dumb-ass twists, though as terrible movies go, it’s not unentertaining – once you surrender to its trashmeister idiocy.


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UK release:

Fri Nov 11, 2011


91 mins

Cast and crew


Joel Schumacher


Karl Gajdusek


Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet, Ben Mendelsohn

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I watched this last night. Luckily I saved myself some money and downloaded it. It really is dire. Everyone shouts at each other without any progression of plot at all. Basically the bad guys point guns, demand money/ diamonds and Nic Cage just repeatedly says 'No'... for a whole 90 minutes. The characters are paper thin, there is no tension, no drama, no action... absolutely nothing worth recommending. The last Nic Cage film I saw was Justice which wasn't entirely great either - but it was Citizen Kane compared to this mess.