Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? (12A)



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Tue Aug 31 2010

One of the most successful and prolific independent artists in modern American film, playwright-turned-director Tyler Perry has spent the past decade persuading audiences that African-Americans can be just as smug, shallow and bourgeois as their white brethren. ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?’ follows four troubled couples on a Bahamian getaway, where the men drink beer and talk about sex while their wives get massages and talk about love. Perry’s directorial style is soapy and bland, his writing shallow and predictable. But there’s still fun to be had: a scene where Janet Jackson trashes her apartment with a golf club heightens the melodramatic intensity, while a last-minute celebrity cameo raises a smile.  And as recriminations give way to tearful bouts of learning, hugging and growing, it becomes clear why Oprah is such a huge Perry fan.


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Fri Sep 3, 2010


112 mins

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