Under Siege


Action and adventure

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Action-man Seagal plays Casey, whose position as cook aboard the USS Missouri hides a past as a Navy SEAL and top-level combat operative in Vietnam and Panama. Right from the beginning, it's clear that he hates Commander Krill (Busey, wonderfully demented), who spits in his bouillabaisse before holing him up in the meat locker. But worse is to come. Krill and the even loonier William Strannix (Jones) hijack the ship, planning to steal its nuclear arsenal. So Casey has to bust out of the freezer, organise a rescue team, and kick ass to save the world from nuclear war. Davis handles the pacy action sequences confidently, with dark, claustrophobic interiors enhancing the suspense; so it's all the more disappointing when corny dialogue and barely-sketched characters let things down.


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