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Men are from Mars, women are down to earth, according to this embarrassing vehicle for Shandling (TV's 'Larry Sanders'). He's an extra-terrestrial on a mission to propagate the race as quickly as possible. Beeping radio-activated phallus at the ready - and eager to compliment earth women on their smell and their footwear - Harold gets a job in a bank and sets his sights on Bening, who inexplicably falls for his line. Meanwhile in an even less funny subplot FAA official Goodman becomes convinced he's on the trail of an unknown life form. It's an incredibly evolved metaphor for gender alienation, but sadly it's so sour and so crass it might just scupper the movie career of one of TV's sharpest comedians. The DVD comes with a 'making of' doc and the option of watching it in German, which may help.


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