White Chicks (12A)



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Time Out says

Two black, male FBI officers go undercover as white society girls: hardly the sell of the century, is it? Nevertheless, this comedy caper got the green light – perhaps we have its stars, sitcom brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans to thank. Or not. It’s hardly a credible affair, for starters. Not only do two men clearly wearing hideous rubber masks pass for women, but they pass for two specific women: notorious party girls under threat of kidnap who must be replaced in the Hamptons (there is at least a spurious plot point to explain why white female FBI agents weren’t called upon). While the black men teach the Hamptons girls a thing or two about enjoying themselves, they learn about women’s ways and try to dodge lecherous rich men, ‘Some Like It Hot’ style. Most gags are as weak as they are derivative, offering little incentive to suspend one’s disbelief, and as for the gender politics, well… you can only imagine.


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Fri Oct 15, 2004


97 mins

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