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'You're a very charismatic man, Mr Hummer' says the smooth, evil corporation magnate (thereby pointing out something that hadn't hitherto been in evidence) to the young truck-driver who has taken a single-handed stand in refusing to carry stolen goods in his rig. Indeed, Jan-Michael Vincent looks decidedly puny trying to fill a part that would have given Eastwood trouble. This 'youth' movie, in which the lithe Vincent takes on the ageing, paunchy and corrupt - and wins, despite some heavy muscle from the organisation - gives evidence of little more than the recurring need to re-adapt various fantasies from Westerns. But as Vincent takes his stand and cleans up town, he joins a long line of American heroes whose capacity for punishment borders on masochism. There's also some particularly gratuitous agonising over the question of abortion, which is promptly resolved by having the mother-to-be beaten up and losing the child.


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