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Ever since his brother's death, seedy gumshoe Eddie Valiant (Hoskins) has hated Toons - the animated inhabitants of the '40s LA suburb of Toontown, most of whom make a living appearing in Hollywood cartoons. But when studio head Marvin Acme asks him to check up on the extra-marital activities of Jessica Rabbit, the humanoid, torch-singing, Toon spouse of our eponymous stunt-Toon hero, Eddie finds himself up to his fedora in murder, blackmail, and conspiracy. Zemeckis and animation director Richard Williams' comedy-thriller blends live action, Warners-style animation, and a typically tortuous film noir plot to delirious effect. Virtually faultless on the technological front, it also excels in terms of a breathless, wisecracking script, deft characterisation (both human and Toon), and rousing action. At its best, the humour is as cruel, violent, and surreal as vintage Chuck Jones. Supremely entertaining - especially for adults.



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