Young Warriors


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Taking its inspiration from Death Wish, National Lampoon's Animal House, and Enid Blyton's Famous Five, this opens in the wacky world of college fraternity funsters, and descends by way of the rape and murder of hero Kevin's sister into a social, psychological, and cinematic sewer of destruction and revenge, taking in the usual dialogue clichés and softcore teen-exploitation hooks on the way. Young Kev (Van Patten), an intense young man whose decline into violent paranoia is symbolised by the animated movies he makes ('Kevin, that was so meaningful - where do you get your ideas?'), brushes aside his cop father Borgnine's advice and, accompanied by a guerilla-garbed white pet poodle (no kidding), leads four college chums into a bloodbath of vigilante vengeance. In the final scene the camera focuses on an ad on the wall: 'Schlitz' it says, 'makes everything great'. A high-tack classic.


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