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20 reasons why there ought to be a statue of Wiley in Bow

An online petition is calling for the grime MC to be memorialised in his home borough. Here are some of the most persuasive arguments in favour


1. “Because he's so E3, hello.” - Graeme Day


2. “Wiley showed me the light of music at a time when gang violence and drugs threatened to engulf my life. Now I am successfully selling my mixtapes outside Oxford Circus station.” - Joe Staines


3. “As a 23 year old woman I'll never forget the happiest days of my teenage years, connecting and crafting dance routines and showcasing them for our family and friends via our local youth dance group, often using a Wiley track.” - Ella Darlington


4. “Think about if grime never come about. More gang crime? Nowadays instead of hanging about on streets they are sitting in studios making music.” - Leah Rabbet


5. “Because who else would say, '13 steps for the love of the game though, big up all my travel agents in Hounslow'?” - Joe Catterall


6. “He pioneered the grime scene, which went on to become the single original genre of the UK – a genre which NO country in the world can be better at.” - George Lofthouse


7. “Wiley invented music.” - Charlie Costello


8. “Wiley deserves a salute from the area he advertised a huge amount of pride for, when nobody could understand why.” - Jerrome Brown


9. “Wiley isn't the statue Tower Hamlets wants, he's the statue that Tower Hamlets needs.” - Tom Cocks


10. “Nice jacket collection.” - James Bunton


11. “A large derelict sports arena doesn't inspire a generation, Wiley does. End of.” - Al Lavelle


12. “London's most important working poet.” - Dominic Morris


13. “Wiley is a local legend. If the council don't give him a statue they should at least dedicate a park bench to him.” - Martin Maguire


14. “Wiley is bigger than Winston Churchill.” - Jim Ottewill

Photo: Conor Allen

15. “Because he represents one of the most original music scenes in British music history, rivaling punk, hip hop, and techno in its authenticity and power.” - Jack Murphy


16. “Not only does he give inspiration to a generation but he creates hope, dreams and bars. I also named my cat after him.” - Becky Crisp


17. “Wiley's certified peng.” - Ville Tikkala


18. “Wiley and Craig David created grime.” - Aaron Collins

Photo: Burak Cingi

19. “I just think it would be nice.” - Naomi Hannay


20. “It is important for Tower Hamlets to take massive pride in the genre that it almost solely created.” - Sean Keating

Sign the petition 'Tower Hamlets London Borough Council: Erect a Statue of UK Grime Artist Wiley in Bow' at Change.org.

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