'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – The Original Movie Soundtrack' album review

Many of the tastemaking DJ's favourite tracks are present, but this isn't the quintessential Partridge playlist



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How to host a party like Partridge: here are some tips. For drinks you’ll want to start with lager, followed by gin and tonic, followed by a Bailey’s (otherwise known as a ‘ladyboy’). Put a Bond film on in the background, throw in a pyrotechnics and light show, and make sure it doesn’t turn into a sex festival.

More importantly still, get the music right for chrissakes! What you put on the stereo has to reflect the exceptional taste of Norwich’s foremost radio personality – a man who thanks Abba not only for the music, but also for his ‘Aha!’ catchphrase, and who thinks Wings are ‘the band The Beatles could have been’. Luckily, the soundtrack album for the new Partridge ‘Alpha Papa’ movie contains plenty of Alan-approved gems, along with some choice soundbites from the man himself to really set the tone.

‘Welcome to big school,’ the North Norfolk Digital DJ and corporate face of Hamilton’s Water Breaks purrs before Jakob Leidholm’s house banger, ‘Swede Love’ kicks into life. That song might fit the movie, but feels slightly out-of-place on this compilation, which also features schlocky karaoke favourites ‘Enola Gay’ by OMD, and John Farnham’s ‘You’re The Voice’. But Partridge is nothing if not eclectic, favouring the musical non-sequiturs of the local radio DJ. Everything from contemporary classical (Philip Glass’s ‘Koyaanisqatsi’) to rock ’n’ roll instrumentals (The Outlaws’ ‘Swingin Low’) to the ‘Ski Sunday’ theme falls within the remit of the Norfolk mustard-cutter’s ‘broad taste’.

A seven-song bonus section ensures classic tracks, including a couple of Bond themes, are included. But this isn’t, by any means, the quintessential AP playlist. Where’s Gary Numan’s ‘Music for Chameleons’, that Alan so adeptly plays air slap bass to while awaiting the Inland Revenue in his static caravan? And where, oh where, is Abba? Butter my arse! For a casual Partridge party, this will suffice, but completists will feel this album is far from ruddy bloody good.

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‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’ film review

If you had sky-high hopes for Alan Partridge’s big-screen outing, now’s the time to moderate them: ‘Alpha Papa’ is a film that rewards low expectations.

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