Boards Of Canada – 'Tomorrow's Harvest' album review

The original kings of haze amaze on their first album in eight years



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Boards Of Canada – 'Tomorrow's Harvest'

  • Rated as: 4/5

While reclusive electronic musicians abound, something about the work of brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin inspires fervour and devotion. Their seminal ’90s releases on Warp Records used to reference cults. Now Boards of Canada are one, as the insane clamour for their first LP in seven years proves. The recent vogue for hazy and vague music both new (Actress) and old (My Bloody Valentine) makes this a homecoming of sorts. Yet this isn’t a lazy victory lap around a pile of distressed synths – they’ve also been listening. The tribal stomp of ‘Palace Posy’ sounds like slowed-down Warpaint, while the half-step swing of ‘Come to Dust’ suggests a passing awareness of dubstep. If that makes you shudder, relax. Anyone whose mind was readjusted by their magnificent debut ‘Music Has the Right to Children’ will be more than impressed. Everyone else: prepare to be indoctrinated.

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