Calvin Harris in numbers

As the Dumfries producer rocks Earl's Court, we look at his determining digits



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The DJ, producer and EDM superstar known as Calvin Harris (but born Adam Wiles) started out as an electroclash producer. Since being discovered via MySpace in 2006, he has worked with Dizzee Rascal, Kylie Minogue, Ne-Yo and Rihanna – and been kicked off the set of ‘The X Factor’ after invading the stage wielding a pineapple.

This week, Harris plays a huge gig at Earl’s Court with Swedish house producer Tiësto. To mark the occasion, we’ve charted his hyper-successful career in 8 vital statistics. Flick through our slideshow to read more…

  • …months taken to produce 2012 LP ‘18 Months’ (see what he did there?).

  • …top ten singles which came from that album alone.

    Photo: Padilla Moreno

  • …less glamorous jobs he worked before assuming the role of international EDM superstar: the first in a supermarket, the second in 
a fish processing factory.

    Photo: Spiros Politis

  • …million dollars: the amount Harris is reported to have earned last year.

  • …his position on this year’s Forbes Celebrity Rich List.

  • …times he swore onstage during a set in Miami earlier this year, after a heckler called him a ‘sellout’.

    Photo: fiberfib

  • …his position on the Richest DJs list. Gutted, Guetta.

    Photo: Kim Erlandsen

  • …pounds Harris earned (according to some sources) as a fee for playing Tamara Ecclestone’s wedding last march.

    Photo: Spiros Politis

…months taken to produce 2012 LP ‘18 Months’ (see what he did there?).

Listen to Calvin Harris's '18 Months'

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