Five things you didn't know about AlunaGeorge

Classy pop duo Aluna Francis and George Reid dish their toilet gossip



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1. They get ‘snubbed’ by pop stars needing a wee
Aluna: ‘I met Frank Ocean recently and told him how much I loved his music. He responded with: “Cool, yeah, I really need the toilet.” I was wearing such a pretty dress as well.’

2. Girls – Aluna loves your sweat
Aluna: ‘It’s great to see girls sweating! Girls don’t sweat enough or show off their dripping faces.’

3. George is oh-so honoured to have a famous fan
George: ‘I had a Björk poster on my wall when I was young. It was slightly ridiculous when we found out that she was a fan of our music.’

4. They don’t mind being tied into a London scene
Aluna: ‘We’re always being told we’re part of a movement. It’s a London movement and it’s prolific: Bondax, Disclosure, Rudimental and Jessie Ware are in it – basically anyone making electronic music. It’s flattering.’

5. Their friends find their music, ahem, moving…
George: ‘I had a message from a couple of friends who were in the toilet at a service station and heard our music while they were pooing. They were like: “I heard your tune, I was totally taking a shit at the time.”’

AlunaGeorge's debut album ‘Body Music’ is out on Monday July 29. Buy the album here.

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