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No. 1: ‘Waterloo Sunset’ - The Kinks

Watch The Kinks perform 'Waterloo Sunset'

  • ‘Waterloo Sunset’ - The Kinks

    The most famous London song of all

    ‘I used to go past Waterloo every day on my way to Croydon Art School; when I was a kid my father took me to the Festival Of Britain; my first real girlfriend, we walked by the Thames; I was in hospital at the old St Thomas’s and my room had a balcony looking out over the river.

    All the imagery comes from memories like that. Although the song was supposed to be about the end of Merseybeat, called “Liverpool Sunset”. But when I was writing the lyrics I started to think about Waterloo and what it symbolised for me. Ray Davies

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Users say


Don't care that Waterloo sunset was suppossed to be about Liverpool, as I sit here in sunny Melbourne remembering walking past the iMax on my way to college every day, it's the perfect London song....It's just a shame that they've gastroed the Kinks fav pub in Fortis Green (Clissold arms, shame on you!!!!)