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No. 6: ‘Itchycoo Park’ - The Small Faces (1967)

Watch The Small Faces perform ‘Itchycoo Park’

  • The Small Faces – ‘Itchycoo Park’ (1967)

    The original ode to London's parklife

    Quite how drugs ended up with the bad reputation they have these days is a mystery when you consider the lyrics to ‘Itchycoo Park’, the first ever song to be banned for overt illegal substance references, and Small Faces's celebration of smoking marijuana in Little Ilford Park, Manor Park.

    Did this DANGEROUS DRUG send the band on an orgy of wanton destruction and ram-raiding? No. They simply lazed around the park, feeding the ducks and crying - yes, crying – at the sheer beauty of nature. This is the kind of behaviour that would get you laughed out of rehab by any self-respecting modern drug abuser.

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