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No. 17: ‘Soho’ – Bert Jansch

Listen to ‘Soho’ by Bert Jansch & John Renbourn

  • ‘Soho’ – Bert Jansch & John Renbourn

    The zenith of the 1960s London folk scene captured in song by two of its central practitioners

    ‘Around the time of that song, there used to be a folk club in Greek Street called Les Cousins and most of the folk singers and players would meet there. I had a Tuesday residency there for about a year and it was an all-nighter so you had to play right through the night.

    But the song itself is centred around Soho Square because, during the day, if it was nice and sunny you’d go and sit in the square. Mark Pavey and Davey Graham tried to reopen the place again a few years ago but it’s now a restaurant. For a while, the 12 Bar club in Denmark Street was a bit similar but it didn’t quite have the magic. And anyway, kids now will have their own versions of Les Cousins.’

    Bert Jansch, speaking to Time Out in 2010

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