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Prince and 3rdEyeGirl – 'Fixurlifeup'

Warning: this is very, very silly. But if you're not expecting that from Prince by now, then you may need a sense-of-humour transplant. And just because Prince – leading his new all-female band 3rdEyeGirl – is eye-boning the camera and wearing a pair of sunglasses made out of… wait, is that gauze? Anyway, it may be ludicrous but it's also damn funky and contains the brilliant lyric 'another brick in the misogynistic wall of noise'. It's also the most interesting thing we've heard from Prince in a while, and he even seems to have re-embraced the internet after saying it was 'completely over' in 2010. Presumably his next album won't be distributed, like 2007's 'Planet Earth', exclusively on the front cover of the Mail on Sunday.

Fair Ohs – 'Green Apple Milk'

What's the opposite of an incredibly hench man giving birth to a baby? A big hairy guy having money thrown at him, duh. Those tropi-punks Fair Ohs returned two months ago with single 'Ya Mustafa' (and a video of aforementioned muscle), and now, a week  before the release of their second album 'Jungle Cats', they've put out a disturbing accompaniment to 'Green Apple Milk'. Blaring brass parts set the song up for a mournful instrumental breakdown that'll have you peering through fingers at the sorry state the masked feller has got himself into. It's an uncomfortable end compared to the joyous outcomes protagonists have had in their previous vignettes. And all he wanted was an ice cream ferkrissakes!

Bloody Knees – '100 Days'

Bloody Knees are a bunch of snotty punk kids from Cambridge who make riotous pop-hardcore. They sound like they've got a thing for the morbid themes and 'whoah-oh' vocal parts of the Misfits, as well as SoCa skate-punk from the ’90s, and '100 Days' – the second track of a limited edition EP issued only on tape, natch – is a big, toothless, sickly grin of a song. It makes us want to punch a wall and vomit in a field, and there's not much music around right now that can make that sort of thing sound hella fun. If you've still got a cassette player, the 'Bloody Knees' EP is out on June 17 and you can buy it here.

Jagwar Ma – 'Man I Need'

Step right up for a mind-expanding musical tour of ’90s dance! As we move seamlessly from something like The Chemical Brothers' 'Private Psychedelic Reel' to an echo of 'Screamadelica', and on to the Haçienda and even a brief visit to The Boo Radleys – all underpinned by an inescapable backbeat shuffle – you'll be treated to some awesome trippy visuals that work pretty well on the small screen, but would be even better projected onto a twenty-foot wall at a warehouse rave for full effect. It's all the work of Jagwar Ma, the Australian dance duo whose debut album 'Howlin’' is out on June 10. And if this isn't quite enough for you, there's a ten-minute version on Soundcloud. 'Ave it!

Ai Weiwei – 'Dumbass'

Hey, look – some Chinese heavy metal band have named themselves after dissident artist Ai Weiwei and made a music video for their new song 'Dumbass' that uses a lookalike to reenact scenes from Ai's notorious arrest in 2011! Wait, what you do mean that's actually Ai Weiwei in the video? Next you'll be telling me he actually wrote and sang the song too. He did? Boy, is my face red. Apparently the lyrics to this track – which are rather rude if you understand Chinese – rail against Chinese state control in the severest of terms, making 'Dumbass' such a brave gesture that it doesn't matter quite so much that it's, well, not all that good. If you do like it, though, Ai is due to release a whole album of this sort of thing later this year, called 'The Divine Comedy'. And if you can't wait that long for an unexpected heavy metal album by a prominent non-musical figure on the international culture scene, then Christopher Lee's 'Charlemagne: The Omens of Death' is out on Monday. We're not even kidding.

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