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Girls Names – ‘Hypnotic Regression’

In their latest video, Belfast post-punk band Girls Names invite you to undergo a spot of hypnosis. You'll see things you thought you'd forgotten: a girl with a moustache, the same writhing on astroturf, the same girl in a bath, and brushing her hair, and reflected in a mirror staring straight at you. Who is she? And why does she have such a thing for owls? Don't ask us. We're just busy enjoying the band's latest single – a clever, dark, reverb-heavy motorik clatter that drives deeper and deeper into your brain with every delayed guitar chord.

MØ – ‘Pilgrim’

Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted, aka MØ, is the owner of one seductive set of pipes. So much so, we’re willing to bet they’ll end up rivalling Lana Del Rey’s. On her debut single ‘Pilgrim’ – which is remixed by Ms Mr on the B-side – she delivers a delectable falsetto over a collection of off-kilter beats, xylophone plinks, heady blasts of brass and handclaps. Fans of Grimes will surely approve. Catch the sultry songstress at Cargo on Tue May 14.

Sulk – ‘The Big Blue’

They've got Charlatans bowl-cuts and Graham Coxon breton tops, their photoshoots come with mandatory Gallagher-style vacant pouts, their name is (possibly) derived from a 1994 Radiohead song and – yes – they sound an awful lot like The Stone Roses. So it's just as well that Sulk can back it all up with some truly solid songwriting. It's a skill they honed in a past life (with a different rhythm section) as The Ruling Class – a fact which their Wikipedia page, weirdly, doesn't mention – and it's still serving them well. Sulk's debut album, 'Graceless', came out last month, and 'The Big Blue' is one of the standout tracks: big drums, a huge chorus, and great guitar lines by Tomas Kubowicz which raise the spirits of two Jo(h)n(ny)s: Squire of the Roses, and Greenwood of the pre-electronic Radiohead. And those lyrics? She's not a waterfall – she's a big, blue ocean.

John Newman – ‘Love Me Again’

This is John Newman's first single, but when he starts singing you'll probably recognise the voice straight away. That's because he's already had a Number One hit on the UK Top 40: he sang for Rudimental on ‘Feel The Love’, as well as the follow-up ‘Not Giving In’, so he's no stranger to radio play. Which is good, because with ‘Love Me Again’ he could be on track for another, this time off his own bat. With shimmering strings and honking saxes, and a super-dry backbeat, there's plenty of classic soul touches to match the video: a star-crossed retelling of Romeo and Juliet in a Northern Soul club, with some classic Wigan Casino-style moves on display. But it's not just an exercise in retro – it's a 24-carat chart-buster too. When the weather picks up again, expect to hear it blaring out of a whole lot of cars.

Newman plays a live show in London – his first headline date – on July 11. If you fancy going, you'll need to sign up over at his website before tickets go on sale on Wed May 15.

David Bowie – ‘The Next Day’

Warning: gore, nudity, and other potentially offensive stuff.

The Bowie comeback rolls on, and so does the Duke's canny media strategy. Pissing off the Catholic Church has been good for business since long before Madonna made it with a black Jesus in 'Like a Prayer'. For the title track off his new album, Bowie's done it in style, recruiting Gary Oldman to play a horny, violent priest and Marion Cotillard as a stigmata'ed prostitute. Dave himself plays Jesus, of course. If you don't find it hideously offensive, it's all very entertaining. And perhaps the best bit is the very end. 'Thank you, Gary. Thank you, Marion. Thank you, everybody,' says Bowie – in a voice straight out of 'Jackanory' – and disappears back to Bowie heaven with a burst of light and a single bell. Classy.

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