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Wiley – 'Flying'

Wiley wants you to know he's back where he wants to be. Where's that? 'Flying', just in case you weren’t certain after he states the fact 43 times in this new track. We’re just happy the temperamental grime MC has ditched the sugary sweet Euro-pop trash of 'Heatwave' for some dirty, dissonant beats that are infinitely more pleasing. We can’t say the same for his rhymes, where he boasts that he's 'having a laugh' with music now. Let’s just hope he’s not bragging about those joke tracks on his last record, and we can take 'Flying' as a sign of what’s to come from Wiley.

Frightened Rabbit – 'Radio Silence'

One of the finest Scottish indie bands currently working, Frabbit have just revealed this new track from a forthcoming EP called 'Late March, Death March'. Treading just on the right side of weepy, it's as big, melodic and heartfelt as ever but with a crunchy drive behind it (credit to Grant Hutchinson on pounding drums) that recalls Idlewild or even REM. Lovely.

Spiritualized – 'I Am What I Am'

Poor Rory Culkin seems to be having a pretty miserable time of it. Last time we saw him in a film, in 'Scream 4', he got stabbed by Emma Roberts (he deserved it) – and now he's a washed-up, bummed-out, supernaturally suicidal, small-town youngster in the latest Spiritualized video. The song, a collaboration with blues legend Dr John, is from last year's 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' album. It's brooding and intense, and a new video is the perfect opportunity to revisit it – but you have to feel sorry for poor Rory. Still, it could be worse – at least he isn't having to fend off burglars with improvised traps like his brother Macaulay used to.

Traams – 'Flowers'

If you grew up in Britain in the ’80s or ’90s, you probably remember the sludgy substance known as 'gunge' which used to be used on TV programmes to intimidate children. It seems that Traams, who formed in Chichester a couple of years ago, certainly do: in their latest video, they're splattered with the stuff while their track 'Flowers' clatters along like Devo playing Neu!. It's silly, but it works, and the song's a cracker. Get their album 'Grin' when it comes out on September 16.

Botany – 'Anchor'

From Flowers to Botany, an electronic producer from Texas whose sultry, dreamy constructions sound like they could form an alternative soundtrack to Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland'. 'Anchor' is from 'Lava Diviner', the debut album by Spencer Stephenson, which is released on October 29 – we're hoping for more of the same, but based on the way that this track's glitchy synths unfold and mutate semi-organically across three-odd minutes, he'll keep us guessing all the way through.

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