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Filthy Boy – 'That Life'

Here's an exclusive for y'all: the new video from the dark and often hilarious heroes of south London's indie scene, Filthy Boy. Like the twisted videos for their previous run of singles, it's directed by the band themselves led by twin brothers Michael and Paraic Morrissey (who have also directed videos for the brilliant King Krule, also a Peckham resident). 'That Life' – the song – flips between the homeless narrator's present and his past (perfect house, perfect wife, muscles 'like some guy in a gay magazine'), but the video is only the here and now: the subject's drunken and desperate stagger through night-time London, taking in some landmarks on the way and culminating in a half-crazed chant. It's poignant, sure, but somehow it's hard to feel entirely sorry for the guy…

Omar Souleyman – 'Wenu Wenu'

One of the most anticipated albums of the autumn is the new record by Omar Souleyman, the 47-year-old Syrian musician who has been knocking out intense, brain-rattling shaabi – the street sound of the Arab Middle East – since 1994. Thanks to a string of high-profile appearances in recent years, including working with Björk and Damon Albarn, Souleyman has grabbed the attention of us complacent European types, and 'Wenu Wenu' ('Where is she?'), the title track of the new record, shows why. Produced by Kieran Hebden, alias Four Tet, it's an electrifying 7-minute banger which mixes traditional Arabic music with the sounds coming out of the vanguard of dance music. If you can, plug it into the biggest speakers you can find and blast it out into the street: you may get some police attention, but it'll totally be worth it. 'Wenu Wenu' the album is out on October 21. It's going to be a tough wait.

Audio Push – 'Shine'

Since they burst into the hip hop world's consciousness with their single 'Teach Me How to Jerk' back in 2009, Californian duo Audio Push may not have been exactly hogging the limelight. In fact, they've been downright reticent – but if they're spending their time making tracks like this, then we're not complaining. 'Shine' begins with soft R&B vocals and jazz piano riffs, which are quickly interrupted by perfectly placed horns and effortlessly smooth bars. Their next 'project' (hopefully their long-awaited debut album) is called 'Come As You Are', it's due out in September, and with any luck, it'll be just as intriguing as this single.

Big Deal – 'Dream Machines'

Launching off on an ear-worming guitar riff which ties the whole song together, Big Deal's latest single is as pleasant a chunk of dreamy, noisy pop as we've heard in a while. The video's interesting, too: it looks as though Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood have recruited a new rhythm section. It's Huw Webb and Melissa Rigby, formerly of dramatic darkwave band SCUM, and now making synth-pop with Astral Pattern – and who also happen to be a couple. Considering the are-they-aren't-they questions about Costelloe and Underwood, it's possible that the touring line-up of Big Deal is now a pair of pairs. (Let's hope that things don't start going all Fleetwood Mac.) Not only that, but Webb and Rigby even look a tiny bit like the main Big Deal line-up. So, yes, it's all a bit 'Attack of the Clones' – but it's fine, because the song's awesome, and that's what matters.

Lil Silva – 'No Doubt' (feat. Rosie Lowe)

British producer Lil Silva delivers a delicious dose of minimal-maximal house with his latest single, ‘No Doubt’. The mellow track builds up relatively slowly, starting with a stripped electro beat and then adding gospel-inspired vocal layers, including delicate harmonies from London singer Rosie Lowe. Having worked with the likes of Sampha and SBTRKT, Lil Silva is quickly coming to the forefront of the UK underground scene – despite the fact that he apparently lives in the sleepy county town of Bedford. Oh, and among his supporters is the hyped US singer Banks, a previous collaborator of Silva's who's been urging her fans to give this track a listen. We suggest you follow her lead.

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