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Clean Bandit – 'Rihanna'

We love Clean Bandit, the super-classy London group who make sparklingly clean, dance-informed pop music with strings. This new track, 'Rihanna', is on the same EP as the excellent 'Dust Clears', which we featured a few weeks ago. We couldn't help giving the group another shout-out, though, when we saw this simple-but-effective performance video, and heard the track: a thumping piece of minimal chamber R&B which namechecks not only Rihanna but Nirvana too. Let them take you back to 2006 – or 1996, if you prefer.

Holy Ghost! – 'Teenagers in Heat'

Speaking of going back, it doesn't get much more retro than this: the ’90s-tastic new video for Holy Ghost!'s 'Teenagers in Heat'. The song, produced by James Murphy, is a pulsing electro-pop number along the lines of When In Rome's 'The Promise', full of analogue synths and electronic drum flurries, and the video uses VHS effects, skate stickers and today's conveniently referential fashions to flash back to New York circa ’94. It sure isn't aesthetically progressive, but it's nostalgic enough to bring a tiny lump to the throat of of practically any twenty-or-thirty-something in the western world.

Hyetal – 'Jam the Network'

…and while we're on a nostalgia kick, how about this? The new track and video from Bristol producer Hyetal's second album 'Modern Worship' – produced by CGI artists The Great Nordic Sword Fight – is like the kind of nightmare you'd have after staying up playing Playstation until three in the morning. That's the original Playstation, by the way: the rapidly flashing polygons, too-smooth glides and terrifying, hallucinogenic faces and graphical glitches are the stuff of classic platformers like 'Spyro the Dragon', 'Crash Bandicoot' and 'Croc'. Even the music sounds like a video game soundtrack, albeit with a dreamy, transcendent quality which the PS1 would probably have struggled with. Good thing, too – imagine the mental effect on the young generation if computer games had actually looked and sounded like this.

Fat White Family – 'Auto Neutron'

Anyone remember The Metros, Peckham's straggly, sub-Libertine punk 'n' roll group? Well, through a strange alchemical process (via stints as The Saudis, Champagne Holocaust and Meat Divine, and gaining and losing members along the way) they've turned into one of London's most exciting and disturbing young bands. 'Auto Neutron' is the first track on their debut album, 'Champagne Holocaust'. A sparse and slow opiate nightmare of organ, wah guitar and cultlike chanting, it's about as life-affirming as being dragged through barbed wire – but who said music had to be uplifting? Turn the lights off, plug in your headphones, set Thomas James's Lynchian video to full screen and press play. You'll feel disgusted, horrified, and thrilled to the bone. You'll want to watch it again. And then you'll probably need to take a shower.

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