A Touch of Sin: New York Film Festival 2013



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New York Film Festival 2013: A Touch of Sin

New York Film Festival 2013: A Touch of Sin

Don’t go into this barbed polemic from Jia Zhang-ke (one of the greatest of China’s Sixth-Generation filmmakers) expecting subtlety. He’s created plenty of pointed undercurrents in movies like The World, Still Life and 24 City, but now the implied violence comes explosively to the surface. Jia follows four residents of the People’s Republic, ranging across a spectrum of communities from north to south, who are pushed to vengeful breaking points. The bloodshed (gory shootings, knives wielded with wuxia-flavored fervor) may seem gratuitous in the moment, but it accumulates in power and incisiveness, ultimately acting as the conduit for Jia to diagnose the ills of a country whose economic and social fabric is wilting under the effects of rapid modernization. Click for showtimes.—Keith Uhlich

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