Araf—Somewhere in Between: New York Film Festival 2012



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New York Film Festival 2012: Araf - Somewhere In Between

New York Film Festival 2012: Araf - Somewhere In Between

Both a prime example of Turkish film’s long-take moodiness and a stock tale of stifled youth (world-cinema division), Yesim Ustaoglu’s drama focuses on two restless teens working in a way-station cafeteria. The boy, Olgun (Baris Hacihan) is in love with Zehra (Neslihan Atagül) and dreams of making it big on a reality-TV show; she obsesses over an older trucker who she believes will haul her out of her Podunk town. Ustaoglu conjures up highly erotic encounters as well as genuine horror (a scene involving a hospital bathroom and copious bleeding may be the single most harrowing thing seen at this year’s NYFF). But in terms of actually portraying the no-future life these two seem destined to lead, this film seems curiously stuck in idle.—David Fear

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