Holy Motors: New York Film Festival 2012



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New York Film Festival 2012: Holy Motors

New York Film Festival 2012: Holy Motors

Gather round, folks: Leos Carax is back to offer one hell of a film-history lesson. The reclusive French director’s first feature in 13 years finds him putting Denis Levant through a series of movie-mad misadventures: a make-out session in a motion-capture suit; a stroll through Paris’s abandoned Samaritaine department store with Kylie Minogue; an encore performance of Levant’s evil leprechaun from the omnibus project Tokyo!, in which he kidnaps Eva Mendes. And did we mention there’s a family of chimps in the mix? Drifting from one oddball vignette to the next and stuffed with meta-references, this willfully delirious concoction feels like a guided tour of a cinematic museum that exists only inside Carax’s cranium, complete with a raucous accordion-scored intermission. It’s a love letter to the seventh art and exhibit A for making the case that enfants terribles don’t get older—they just get weirder.—David Fear

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