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Must every subculture competition receive a pop documentary? Director Sue Bourne's contribution to this glib genre focuses on the 40th Irish Dancing World Championships, where boys and girls from divergent backgrounds don funny wigs and costumes, striving to become lords of the step dance. The film's structure is routine: quick-stroke intros to its myriad subjects (a teenage Sri Lankan boy adopted by a Dutch family, a ten-year-old American girl striving to finally win the title), followed by tense performance showdowns. Class, gender and ethnic issues get pushed to the sidelines in favor of rote who-will-win suspense; all that finger-crossing and Lucky Charms flavoring, however, doesn't keep Jig from being just another in a long line of nonfiction soft-shoe routines.

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Release date: Friday June 17 2011
Duration: 93 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sue Bourne
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