Jiro Dreams of Sushi



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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

An elderly man resembling a shell-less turtle deftly molds raw fish into a Mona Lisa of minimalist cuisine—given that we're talking about Jiro Ono, Leonardo would be proud of the comparison. David Gelb's documentary on the world's greatest sushi chef not only traces Ono's legacy and the fishmongers and food critics who strive to be worthy of his company. It utilizes a spare, elegant style that perfectly complements its subject's monastic devotion to purity—and like the master himself, turns something simple into a work of art.—DF (SVA, Apr 21 at 5:30pm; AMC Village VII, Apr 22 at 4pm; Clearview Chelsea, Apr 25 at 6pm, Apr 29 at 8:30pm)

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