Memories Look at Me: New York Film Festival 2012



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New York Film Festival 2012: Memories Look At Me

New York Film Festival 2012: Memories Look At Me

Part documentary, part fiction and completely personal, Chinese actor-turned-director Song Fang chronicles a return home to Nanjing to see her aging parents. Every conversation—and this is a film constructed almost entirely of long, single-take conversations—somehow invokes the past, death or some combination of the two; the silences and sorrowful pauses double as reluctant goodbyes. (The film is an excellent, if totally unintentional, companion piece to Michael Haneke's Amour.) Despite being a chatty meditation on the comfort of memory and the dark cloud of mortality, Song’s portrait of the passage of time is nothing less than engrossing, enlightening and ultimately heartbreaking.—David Fear

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