My Name Is Hmmm…: New York Film Festival 2013



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New York Film Festival 2013: My Name Is Hmmm...

New York Film Festival 2013: My Name Is Hmmm...

For a while now, fashion legend Agnès B. has played a significant backstage role in the film world, underwriting tough projects by Harmony Korine, Claire Denis and Gaspar Noé. Her first foray into fiction feature making is an impressively committed piece of childhood trauma, about a sullen French 11-year-old, Céline (Lou-Lélia Demerliac), who goes missing from the home where her father sexually abuses her. We see the leather-clad creep who picks Céline up at a school beach trip and brace for even worse, but the story takes a surprising turn, challenging our judgments. Jittery camera movements and an unfortunate penchant for unmotivated cell-shot artiness knock the movie down a few pegs, yet it never quite eclipses the human drama, which is often heartbreaking. Click for showtimes.—Joshua Rothkopf

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