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Like most anthology films, this collection of shorts honoring the Mexican Revolution's centenary proves to be a grab bag aimed more at completists than casual moviegoers. Though each of the ten filmmakers hails from South of the Border, their approaches are all over the map—Patricia Riggen's moving, if overly sappy, familial farce about a homeland burial couldn't be more at odds with Gael Garca Bernal's cryptic take on Catholicism (complete with a messianic final shot). Still, hang around for a dynamic double shot: Amat Escalante's surreal b&w fable about a priest, two children and a McDonald's, and Carlos Reygadas's family-reunion home movie that eventually turns into, well, a Carlos Reygadas film. Forget the children of the revolution; these two sons of Luis Buuel make the slog worthwhile.—David Fear

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