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Prince through the years (slide show)

Unbutton that shirt to your navel, reach for the eyeliner and work up a sweat: It’s time to celebrate three decades of Prince.

Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty Images

1981, Los Angeles. Because of course this is what you’d wear at Flipper's Roller Disco Boogie Lounge, right?

Photograph: Andre Csillag / Rex USA

1981, London. Creepin’ an’ a-crawlin’ at the Lyceum, circa Dirty Mind and Controversy.

Photograph: Brian Rasic / Rex USA

1986, London. Wearing just a gold chain and a film of sweat sent from heaven, Prince hits Wembley Arena with the Revolution on the Parade tour.

Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

1985, Inglewood, CA. Prince in his full Purple Rain pomp at the Fabulous Forum. Nothing compares 2 U. [Sigh]

Photograph: L. J. van Houten / Rex USA

1988. Prince tours Lovesexy. Don’t pretend you didn’t own at least one polka-dot item that year too.

Photograph: Brian Rasic / Rex USA

1993, Birmingham, U.K. Ringlets, the tiniest matador suit ever made, chest hair, chains and a gun. ONLY BECAUSE IT'S YOU, PRINCE.

Photograph: Ian Dickson / Rex USA

1995, London. Following his debacle with Warner Bros., Prince changed his name to a male/female symbol; released his 17th album, The Gold Experience; and got himself a symbol-shaped guitar in gold.

Photograph: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty

2007, Switzerland. Gold suit and gold tie for a jam session at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Photograph: Brian Ach/WireImage for NPG Records 2011

2011, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Beige snakeskin fringed poncho with a sci-fi collar for his Welcome 2 Europe tour.


2012. Banana slacks and heels with a PVC creation on The View. And what a view.