The 50 top rap lyrics about food

Crank up the volume for TONY's list of the greatest grub references ever laid on wax.



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40. Edan, "Beautiful Food" (Sprain Your Tapedeck, 2001)

The lyric: "I'm talking about Chicken la King / Mango and garbanzo / Tabouli / Grilled potatoes and vegetables / With roasted garlic and basil / Zucchini ziti / Granola fruit bar..."

This grocery-list--style joint from the Boston-based emcee is comprised solely of the names of different foods. To our knowledge, it is also the only rap song to ever feature a shout-out to tabouli.

39. Das Racist, "Rainbow in the Dark" (Shut Up, Dude; 2010)

The lyric: "I'm at White Castle, tiny-ass hamburgers, tiny-ass cheeseburgers, tiny-ass chicken sandwiches—it's outlandish kid."

The duo behind the oddball hit "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" celebrate their fast-food fetish once again on this track. But don't pigeonhole them as lowbrow eaters—later in the song, they hint at their refined tastes with the line, "We could eat the flyest cave-aged cheese for sheez, ma."

38. Rick Ross, "I Love My Bitches" (God Forgives, I Don't; 2012)

The lyric: "Am I really just a narcissist / 'Cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?"

Narcissist? Maybe. Fatso? Most definitely.

37. Cee Lo Green, "Soul Food" (Goodie Mob's Soul Food, 1995)

The lyric: "A heapin' helpin' of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and collard greens / Too big for my jeans."

Before he became a global megastar with hits like "Crazy" and "Fuck You," Cee Lo rapped about getting fat on delicious food in Atlanta.

36. Kelis, "Milkshake" (Tasty, 2003)

The lyric: "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard / And they're like, 'It's better than yours.'"

Love it or hate it, Kelis's euphemistic chorus has successfully cemented its spot in the pop lexicon.

35. Young Dro, "Grand Hustle Mafia" (Grand Hustle Presents: In da Streetz Volume 4; 2006)

The lyric: "What you know 'bout shark meat, perch and tilapia?"

That sounds like some big-boss pescatarian eatin' right there, Dro. But we're concerned about the rest of your diet: "Alligator, dog meat, caviar—we mafia."

34. Lil' Bow Wow, "Take Ya Home" (Doggy Bag, 2001)

The lyric: "I got 'em scattered, covered, smothered like hash browns / See I'm the best just ask around."

Back when Bow Wow was still li'l, he paid homage to the famous hash browns at Waffle House, which you can get "scattered" (spread on the grill), "smothered" (with onions) and "covered" (with cheese).

33. The Streets, "Don't Mug Yourself" (Original Pirate Material, 2002)

The lyric: "Chatting shit, sitting at the wall table, telling jokes, playing with the salt, lookin' out the window / Girl brings two plates of full English over, with plenty of scrambled eggs and plenty of fried tomato."

Mike Skinner, the original don of geezer rap, refers here to a full English breakfast, which traditionally includes some combination of eggs, tomato, toast, sausage, mushrooms, bacon and baked beans.

32. Action Bronson, "Tapas" (Peter Rosenberg's What's Poppin Volume 1 Mixtape, 2011)

The lyric: "I'm on the art and the food scene / Fuck rap, laying back eatin' poutine."

After giving up cooking for music, Queens rapper Action Bronson has quickly become one of the most fecund practitioners of food rap, lacing songs like "Brunch" and "Jerk Chicken" with culinary references. He even dropped a mixtape called Bon Appetit...Bitch!!!!!

31. Fat Boys, "All You Can Eat" (Krush Groove Original Soundtrack, 1985)

The lyric: "$3.99 for all you can eat / Well, I'm a stuff my face to a funky beat."

If this video is any indication, Sbarro used to be the greatest restaurant in New York.

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