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Le CUD Bar

  • Rated as: 5/5
  • Price band: 2/4

When the bars and restaurants start close, the party is far from over in the Marais. Things at the Cud, an unfortunately-named but sinfully fun venue, start to heat up around 2am as party-seekers leave other venues for this classic and basic cave bar. Located off Rue du Temple on a tiny street, this is one of the best late-night spots in the Marais. The seating area upstairs is for amateurs, since the real party is in the vaulted cave below. Two bars serve pricey drinks all night long as the DJ spins a fun and current mix of pop tracks and house music – and he sometimes takes requests if you’re polite. The clientele, as per usual, is mixed, but notably younger and very friendly, sometimes too friendly, with a lot more cruising than many of the other bars. Those looking to get up close and personal with a Parisian shouldn’t have too hard of a time here, since space is at a premium, but a healthy dose of international men also frequent Cud since late night options in the Marais are few. Make sure you check your coat, it gets hot down there.

  1. 12 rue des Haudriettes, 3e
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Le Tango (La Boîte à Frissons)

  • Rated as: 4/5
  • Price band: 1/4

Come too early in the evening and you’ll be more than welcome to join the couple’s tango class at this old dance hall. If that’s not your thing, wait until around 1am when the theme switches over to an all-out dance party in this gay hot spot tucked away on the northern edge of the Marais. The décor is still red and fiery with a touch of kitsch, but the wooden dance floor gives way to dancers jiving to Katy Perry and Rihanna instead of Juan d’Arienzo. Ladies and gents are all invited to Tango, though you’ll find mostly local boys looking to dance off the beers consumed in the neighbourhood’s many gay bars. It also attracts a fair amount of internationals, so you may run into a few Norwegians, Italians, or Brits among the mix. Overall, it’s young, it’s pretty, and it’s mostly unpretentious with a touch of hipster – just be prepare to queue up before heading inside and grabbing a drink at the bar (not included in the €9 entry). There’s an interior smoking room, well, closet, so don’t even think about leaving once you check your coat. There’s plenty of seating to rest those weary feet, which will be dancing until dawn.

  1. 13 rue au Maire, 3e
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Lizard Lounge

  • Rated as: 4/5
  • Price band: 2/4
  • Critics choice

This is one of Time Out's 100 best bars in Paris. Click here to see the full list. A genial Marais bar with big windows that look out on to the street. Pushing open the door, you discover a bar full of ex-pats and Marais regulars all bundled together in an incomprehensible brouhaha. The menu is very Yankee, with XXL burgers, kangaroo steaks, pancakes and chicken, cheese and honey sandwiches. For Brits in search of a good beer selection this is a real find, with a long menu of imported bottles complemented by affordable house cocktails during happy hour. Downstairs, a vaulted stone cave serves as a dance floor. The ambiance heats up at the weekends thanks to the dextrous hands and well-chosen selections of the house, hip-hop and funk DJs. Sundays, small live gigs are organised. The waiters are friendly and the Sunday brunches copious. English papers available.

  1. 18 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, 4e
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Le So What!

  • Rated as: 3/5
  • Price band: 2/4

Principally a hang-out for more mature gay women, there's no descrimination here and everyone can enjoy the DJ sets and well-balanced mojitos. Open until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

  1. 30 rue du Roi de Sicile, 4e
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