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Galerie Madé

  • Free

Specialising in photography, the Madé gallery brings together a multitude of uses of the medium. From Maïa Flore lyrical flights of fancy to Marc Philbert’s travel documentaries via Alain Duplantier’s portraits of celebrities, the selection of exhibitions put on at this Canal Saint-Martin gallery can be variable, but also delivers many pleasant surprises.

  1. 48 rue de Lancry, 10e
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Galerie Martel

  • Free

Chris Ware, Blutch, Lorenzo Mattotti, Robert Crumb… just a glance at the list of exhibitors is enough to situate the Galerie Martel in the Parisian artistic landscape with the best of independent graphic artists, a distinct choice that marks the gallery out from the main trends of the contemporary art market. You won’t find conceptual installations or monochrome paintings or animals preserved in formaldehyde here. Since the gallery was founded in 2008, it has displayed some of the most original and surprising voices from graphic novels published by places like Frémok, l’Association and Cornélius, offering a rare opportunity to discover the works of artists like Eric Lambé, Charles Burns and Roland Topor, outside of their usual book formats. The format has its fair share of disadvantages as well – the exhibitions are often limited by presenting the works on boards, without any real attempt to hang the pieces artfully or to pay attention to perspective and the possibilities of the gallery space.

  1. 17 rue Martel, 10e
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Galerie Wallworks

  • Free

Graffiti, paintbombs, stencilling, tags, drip painting – the Wallworks gallery, founded in 2011 by the film producer Claude Kunetz, explores street art in all its forms. TILT, Kongo, CRASH, Gilbert and other well-known graffeurs have already taken time out from walls and tarmac to exhibit their work in the neon-lit, 140 square metre space in the middle of Faubourg Saint-Denis.

  1. 4 rue Martel, 10e
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Musée de l'Eventail

  • Price band: 2/4

Anne Hoguet keeps the tradition of her ancestors alive in this arcane museum inside a 19th-century apartment, which has been a fan-maker's atelier since 1805. One room houses the tools of the trade; beside it is Hoguet's studio, where she works on fans for fashion and the stage. The former salle d'exposition, lined in blue silk, is where the collection of almost 1,000 historic fans is shown in glass cases and stored in cabinets.

  1. 2 boulevard de Strasbourg, 10e
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