Editor's Lit: A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy

Updated: 14 Jun 2013

Time Out says

Rating: 3/5
RM64.50, Orion Books

As life throws you from one emotional turmoil to another, ‘A Week in Winter’ by Maeve Binchy picks you up and puts you back on an even keel. The feeling that washes over you when reading a book by the late Maeve Binchy is as comfortable as coming home or fitting into a favourite pair of old gloves. Her characters are friends and their conflicts are solvable if not downright relatable.

This is the last one she wrote before she died in July last year and it carries Binchy’s familiar humour and warm, embracing writing style. Set against a small coastal Irish town, the story revolves around the town’s Big House atop a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Saving it from decay, a returning immigrant turns it into a guesthouse. The dramas unfold during its opening week in winter, among the boarding guests such as an American A-list filmstar, a married couple of disillusioned young doctors, a reluctant heir to his family’s wealthy accountancy firm, a bitter retired headmistress and a psychic librarian afraid to relate her visions.

Binchy presents each of their story – either wanting to escape a reality, looking for a way to alter it or gather the strength to face it – with a sympathetic note punctuated by humour and without judgement.

The thread that binds the two authors is their ability to pen different facets, points of view of one story by concentrating on the voice of each character at a time. Hence giving you the opportunity to grow with them as the story builds. The result is an inclusive read, making you part of their world and dramas. All I can say is, step in and join them. What have you got to lose? Su Aziz

This book is available at any Borders book stores. For more info, see website.

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