Editor's Lit: The Little Book of Heartbreak by Meghan Laslocky

Updated: 14 Jun 2013

Time Out says

Rating: 4/5
RM49.95, Plune

‘The Little Book of Heartbreak’ records all colossal failures and the most crushing moments experienced by both fictional and real figures through the centuries in terms of love and romance. It’s the perfect anti-valentine.

However, it’s not all that foreboding. Not everything in this book is to put you off love forever. Instead, it’s a balm and a good way to mend a broken heart – according to Laslocky – is to ‘read through the pain’. In a rather sassy and engaging writing style, the forbidden and tragic love of 12th century lovers Abelard and Heloise, Anna Karenina, the antics of serial cheater Hemingway right up to Oscar Kokoschka’s trials to get over an ex will engage your mind and coax your sense of humour out of its (hopefully, temporary) dark hiding corner.

As if that’s not enough to entertain you, there are recommendations of films and songs that will hold your hand further into lovelorn oblivion. Yes, you may just redefine wallowing and Laslocky has made it fun within her 253-page book. I’d even go as far as to promise you laugh-out loud moments as you read through the lover’s spats that had breathe fire and formed icicles, ill-fated romances and absurd promises broken from the past.

And you’ll laugh because Laslocky has a way of putting your heartache into perspective in the greater scheme of things. One that is called Life. Yupp, it’s downright empowering. Or it can be. Give this one a shot, crack it open on the most romantic day of the year with a favourite calorie-laden feed and enjoy a date with something cleverer than your last one (I am assuming!). Su Aziz

This book is available at any Borders book stores. For more info, see website.

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