Editor's Lit: The Girl in the Flammable Skirt by Amee Bender

Updated: 14 Jun 2013

Time Out says

Rating: 3/5
RM35.90, Windmill

Hardly able to recover from your mind reeling from the trilogy’s bafflement, Amee Bender’s debut novel, ‘The Girl in the Flammable Skirt’ will sweep you right back into a delightful world where nothing is quite as it seems. Within a series of short stories, the power of strange but wonderful desires and wants twist and shape several lives in bizarre, erotic but marvelous ways.

While there are touches of eroticism in these stories, especially when grief drives a woman to multiple sexual encounters (in a library, awakening a fantasy of old, no less), partial insanity calling for anonymous acts of intercourse and a love continuing without kisses, there’s also wicked humour that highlights the various reckless characters. Halfway through it, it’ll seem as if your world has turned anti-clockwise and gravity, defied. And you’ll want to shut the book and stop reading but find that you’re unable to. My advice? Take the lead from the characters in the book and give in to your want.

Undoubtedly, these books will occupy your mind. If you’re looking for a distraction this weekend or evenings home alone, they’re a vehicle to divorce you from reality for a while. Allow them to take over your imagination, thus leaving no room for petty troubles, only words forming engaging sentences. Su Aziz

This book is available at any Borders book stores. For more info, see website.

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