Editor's Lit: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

Updated: 14 Jun 2013

Time Out says

Rating: 3/5
RM59.90, Emily Bestler Books

When Jodi Picoult crashed into the book market in the early 90s there was nothing like her. Until today, her fiction tackles sensitive social issues, her characters are flawed and her facts well researched. She presents debatable morals with such good arguments that it’ll leave you reeling from taking one side and then another at every page turn. Picoult’s latest, ‘The Storyteller’ overwhelms. In a good way, that is.

Here’s where a young, lonely Jewish baker who works only at night encounters and befriends an elderly German man who later unburdens his buried and dark secret from 70 years ago when he was an SS officer during Hitler’s reign. The secret leads to a favour with not only moral but legal repercussions as well – will she, the baker whose grandmother is an Auschwitz’s survivor, help him die so he can escape remembering. Worst of all, knowing what her grandmother went through during the war, should she forgive him for his horrific actions then.

If her struggles with indecision as to whether to seek retribution or to play God, and ‘keep the past from dictating the future’ didn’t stop you from breathing, the twist at the end certainly will. The sheer unpredictability of this story’s ending makes this book worth its weight in gold. Su Aziz

This book is available at any Borders book stores. For more info, see website.

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