Sneak peek: 14th European Union Film Festival

Updated: 18 Nov 2013

This November, the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) celebrates their 14th year in the Malaysian cinemas with 23 award-winning films from Europe and beyond. Ranging from drama and romance to documentaries and animation, Cheng Sim highlights five must-see films this year.

Amour (Austria, 2012)
Nov 23, 4.30pm
Director of ‘Cache’ and ‘The White Ribbon’ unites actor Jean-Louis Trintignant and actress Emmanuelle Riva in a poignant story of two retired music teachers, Georges and Anne whose lives take a turn when Anne battled a stroke. The couple’s bond and love is tested through her sickness and Georges increasing weariness.

The Sandman (Switzerland, 2011)
Nov 24, 6.40pm
Actor Fabian Kruger (pictured) plays a dishevelled man, Benno who faces a series of strange occurrences where sands would trickled from his sleeves. He is left with no choice but to seek help from the person he loathes most: a young cafe singer who manages a small coffee shop at his apartment.

Oh Boy! (Germany, 2012)
Nov 24, 4.40pm
Captured in a 1960s greyscale approach, this German film is about a young college drop out named Niko who lives in the present with disregard of his future. His way of life has cast himself as an outsider of his family and friends that resulted with his father cutting off his allowance and his girlfriend breaking up with him.

Oh Boy!

Barbara (Germany, 2012)
Nov 21, 9.30pm
A young doctor named Barbara was banished to an isolated East German hospital following her application for an exit visa. While her boyfriend plots her escape, Barbara shies herself from her colleagues with the exception of Andre, the hospital's head physician whom she unexpectedly fell in love with.

Sleep Tight (Spain, 2011)
Nov 24, 2.30pm & Nov 27, 7pm
A doorman of a Barcelona apartment harbours an evil desire to make others unhappy. He locked his sight on one of the apartment's resident, Clara that escalated his dark secret into a dangerous obsession.

For a full list of EUFF movies, see gallery.

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