The Ting Tings 'Sounds from Nowheresville'

Updated: 29 Jun 2012

Time Out says

Rating: 2/5

Four years is a long time in music. Just ask The Ting Tings. Katie White and Jules De Martino’s 2008 debut ‘We Started Nothing’ spawned catchy dance-pop hits ‘Shut Up and Let Me Go’ as well as ‘That’s Not My Name’. However, fast forward to 2012, and Sleigh Bells, led by the irrepressible Alexis Krauss, as well as Madeline Follin’s Cults have blazed a new trail for female-fronted guy-girl groups.

Did the pair make up for lost time on their sophomore effort? Unfortunately, ‘Sounds from Nowheresville’ is a mixed bag of random tracks, ranging from Lady Sovereign-like hip hop (‘Hit Me Down Sonny’) to unconvincing ballads (‘In Your Life’), and nothing on the album quite reaches the energy and panache of ‘Great DJ’. This genrehopping medley of tunes borders on schizophrenic, with White sounding like she could burst into ‘Grease’s ‘Summer Loving’ at any moment on ‘Guggenheim’.

The story goes that the Manchester duo shelved most of the tracks off their planned 2010 release because their record company loved it too much. Their sign of defiance would’ve been a masterstroke had ‘Sounds from Nowheresville’ been any good. Sadly, like the creaking bedspring noises used in ‘Soul Killing’, The Ting Tings are in danger of a rude awakening. Wong Boon Ken