Transi(en)t Penang

Updated: 26 Aug 2014

Transient Penang is part of an inter collaboration project that will include artist and curators from The Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Artists will work with local communities in Penang to realize an art project developed through workshops. The curators will present a series of public talks and a forum to discuss regional contemporary art and the changing practice. By the end of the project, artists and curators will share their observations and findings will be showcased at the Festival.

The project consists of Open Studio, Talks, and Workshops.

Open studio is where the visiting artist will engage their artwork with people in public spaces like restaurant, shop and hostel. The idea is to intervene the daily activities and observe the public’s response to something extraordinary. It also helps us look at these everyday spaces and places within the city in a new and quirky manner, thus giving us new ways of appreciating the “old”.

There will be 2 weekend workshops held at the museum and they will be facilitated by the visiting artists for school-aged children and college-going students. It is an activity where the artists can impart to young learners reflexive or technical skills through an art/creative process. Workshops for children ages 10-15 will focus on raising awareness for stray animals (in cooperation with Artist for Stray Animals ASA). The workshop’s intention is to create designs for community-based enterprises/efforts, to allow it to have a more interesting dialogue or to make it a conversation piece vis-à-vis the rest of its environment.

The talks will discuss selected topics that are relevant to Project Glocal, DAC and our partners in Malaysia. The goal for this activity is for the hosts and the guests to exchange opinions and find connection in our experiences. For visiting artists, their presentation will focus on presenting their portfolio and if already possible, their work intention for their 2-weeks residency.

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