Suffolk House's Bannerman Tiffin Brunch

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It's a feast that was once popularly indulged by the Governors' of the Prince of Wales Island. The four course brunch begins with a starter of fishcakes gently flavoured with ginger and accompanied by cucumber raita and egg moilee steeped in a pleasantly robust curry.The fried egg of the moilee adds texture to every bite. Next comes mulligatawny soup filled with carrots, potatoes, slices of beef and a spoonful of rice that carries notes of spices which tingles the palate and has a long finish. Its flavour is not unlike the rassam but with an elegant lilt. 

The main and third course is a tray of chicken varuval, delicious fried fish marinated in coriander and tamarind sauce (is a crowd pleaser), vegetable paretal, tomato chutney and dry gravy potato and green peas along with corainder ghee rice. This course is designed to share with two or three others and holds rich Anglo-Indian curry flavours of gentle spiciness enhanced by the satisfying texture of the buttery rice. For a sweet finish, the mildly sweet payasum holds court amongst the kheseri, vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake. Only a steaming cup of milky tea can punctuate this indulgent meal further. That, and the petit fours that sit prettily on the cup's saucer! Remember, this brunch treat only happens on every first Sunday of the month. Su Aziz