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January 2013

It’s easy to miss this place on the long stretch of Butterworth’s Jalan Raja Uda. The faded signboard of ‘Restoran G Xiao Jie’ above this Chinese coffee shop belies the excellent chicken rice within. From 9am each day right up to 8pm, this place serves juicy roasted chicken with rice devoid of heavy oiliness. Whether you choose the drumstick or the white meat of the chicken breast, each RM3 serving sits on a bed of bean sprouts. A bowl of piping hot soup holding a gentle flavour of meaty vegetables comes with it.

As a side order, quick-as-flash blanched bean sprouts drenched in light soya sauce retain their crunch, and the dish is punctuated by a generous sprinkle of deep fried shallots for that earthy, smoky flavour. Or, if you prefer something green, there’s also baby sawi prepared in the same fashion for RM3 per serving. There’s also the sweet, grilled char siew option of RM4 instead of chicken, and herbal egg halves for added protein and variety.

The unsung hero of the chicken rice dish is the accompanying condiment of chilli sauce. Theirs doesn’t rely on heavy garlic flavour for a long finish. Instead, there’s a pleasant spiciness to it along with a satisfying sting, making each spoonful dipped in this sauce a memorable and addictive one. Kitty Kaye

Venue name: G Xiao Jie
Address: 7GF, Taman Mewah, Jalan Raja Uda
Opening hours: Daily, 9am-8pm; closed every second Wed