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George Town

November 2012

The ambience of Hainanese Delights restaurant in 1926 Heritage Hotel on Jalan Burma is very down to earth and it doesn't reflect the delicious food it serves. Their spring rolls are as thick as a lady's wrist in size and perfect when dipped in the sweet Chinese version of Lea & Perrins sauce. It bursts with meaty filling and is a meal unto itself.

However, we would recommend it as an appetiser followed by an array of dishes that goes well with white rice such as their foo yong hai of scrambled eggs covering a large quantity of sliced vegetables and mushrooms. The lightly spicy and sour asam fish counters the more rich duck and sweet potato dish drowned in thick, sweet gravy.

For something that even kids will love is the deep fried inchi kabin chicken which emanates subtle flavours of spices. Above all, their accompanying sambal with very light belacan definitely has a long and memorable finish and will add a kick to each spoonful. A more earthy, gamey flavour can be found in their thick slices of roast lamb generously drizzled with brown sauce and accompanied by an abundance of blanched okra. An idea is to dip the okra into the sambal mentioned earlier for a satisfying bite.

For something soupy, there's a clear soup filled with vermicelli noodles, chicken pieces and button mushrooms. This one has a delicate flavour and is a good winter warmer. One of their desserts which is both traditional and absolutely indulgent is the sago drenched in very thick coconut cream and even thicker gula melaka syrup. In this one, the slightly bitter finish of the gula melaka syrup will counter the creaminess of the coconut cream while complementing the texture of the sago. The result is absolute satisfaction!

Here, a dish begins at around RM8 and it can go up to around RM35, depending on what you order. A small tip: you might want to go there with a group of four or five to fully enjoy all the different flavours and to avoid overeating. Su Aziz

Venue name: Hainanese Delights Restaurant
Address: 1926 Heritage Hotel, 227, Jalan Burma
Opening hours: Tue-Sun,11.30am-3am; 6pm-10pm; closed on Mon
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